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Please read the information below before using this website for East Ridge.


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I created a web site for the Woodbury students.   You can use the Woodbury site for East Ridge patches too.  There is a place to leave comments for us when you order.  Just be sure to let us know the patches are for East Ridge.  We will make them in Black & White then.  You do not have to leave this comment on every patch.  There is a place to leave comments during the check out process.

Please ignore the delivery instructions and contact info regards the WAA building.  Delivery and pickup will be to our location in Woodbury (provided via email later).  You can send email to the email on the contact page, it goes to us.  Just let us know it regards an East Ridge jacket.

We will make the patches and let you know they are ready to sew.  That takes a week or less.  Then when you bring the jacket to us, they are sewn on within a day or two. 

Sorry, but we do not accept credit cards.  We accept cash or check made payable to A&D Custom Embroidery.

A word about the East Ridge bar patches.  Steichen's made them big.  I have seen some schools use the large patches.  And I have seen some schools use the smaller patches like Woodbury.  With the smaller bars, more bars can be sewn on the jacket to recognize your student's accomplishments.  We can make them larger, but we will charge $5 extra (per patch).  If you order bar patchs, please indicate in the comments section whether this is a SMALL or LARGE Bar patch.  Yes, please do this even if you are a repeat customer.  Thank You. One photo shows the relative sizes.  The other photo shows a jacket that started with the large patches and later added the smaller patches.
Dimensions for a 1-Line bar patch:
Small 3.8 x 1.7 inches
Large 4.9 x 1.9 inches

Bar Patch Comparison 

I wish we could sell you the jacket with the "ER" on front and "RAPTORS" on back.  Unfortunately those patches are trademarked.  You will need to order your original jacket from Steichen's.  We will be happy to add additional patches - and with prompt delivery. 
Here is a tip to get your new jacket sooner:
Go to Steichen's and purchase a jacket with just the logo on the back and the letter (ER) on the front.  One customer did this and was able to take a jacket home the day they went.  Another customer had to place the order and come back in a week.  While you are waiting for Steichen's, place your order for name and patches with us.  When you receive your jacket from Steichen's, bring it to us for completion.

A note about jackets with raglan sleeves (with leather on the shoulders):
These jackets have a seam on the leather sleeves extending from the shoulders.  This seam falls under the patches sewn on the sleeve.  Extra care (and time) is necessary when sewing patches over this seem.  For this reason there is a nominal extra charge of $1.00 per patch sewn on these sleeves.

Thank You

A & D Custom Embroidery


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